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Since 2015 construction & design standards Internationally have begun to be restructured with the aim of eliminating all possible factors that relate to the failure of systems applied to protect against life threatening ground gas ingress into new constructions. The spearhead of these changes was in the UK with the updated version of the British Standard for Good Practice on the Testing and Verification of Protection Systems for Buildings against Hazardous Ground Gases. BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 – this superseded all previous guidance.

BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 operating alongside the CIRIA 735 code of practice ‘Independent Verification & Testing Programs’ has now been harmonised by many EU Countries.

GeoShield Limited are founder members of the British Verification Council and are ISO EN 9001 and ISO EN 14001 Accredited.

For projects of CS2 & above (British Standards) / Amber 2 (NHBC) an Independent Testing and Verification program is required as an integral part of the project strategy. The Verification Company is usually required to be employed prior to construction. The GeoShield Verification Package is in accordance with all insistences made by the British Verification Council including £2,000,000 PI Insurance that is specific to Verification.

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